Places I Visit

Simple Home, Simple Money

With hardly any meaningful travel happening in the current environment, I thought I would share some of my favourite places to visit on the interwebs. The persistent voice in my head to live more peacefully and simply coupled with a determination to ensure that we are putting away for our future lives is validated by some very authentic writers – writers who are living what they are writing (click on the bold links). I’ve also sprinkled some pictures of things and food from our house through this post too – just because.

A thoroughly thoughtful and authentic blog is that of g. Donna’s Generations Before Us. These writings show how a simple life just does not happen by accident, but rather requires persistent and mindful actions.

I often think about the future and am determined to ensure that we can provide for ourselves in times to come and build an alternative income. A Western Australian, Dave, generously shares his journey and research on how everyone can achieve a slow and steady way to replace their income for the future. You’ll find Dave’s writings at Strong Money Australia. Dave practices what he preaches and is humble and realistic in his approach.

The very first site I ever stumbled across in the early moments of my search for living a simpler life was Rhonda Hetzel’s writings. You’ll find many years of Rhonda’s journalling at her blog Down To Earth. Even if Rhonda never writes another word, her blog is a massive encyclopedia of practical, wise, realistic, no-nonsense advice that I quietly wander through – often daily. The archived posts are vast.

A British writer helping English folk (and the rest of us too) shifting paradigms about debt, investing, work, goals and approaches to living purposefully is The Escape Artist. The big hitting realisation for me was that I was in a cyclic prison of work/eat/sleep/repeat/die. This site deals with this very thoroughly.

If you ever thought that you could not possibly live simply, frugally and meaningfully, growing your own food and embracing the concept of ‘home’ due to some hardship or block, then Out Back Tania’s writing will leave you without an excuse. Tania lives on the edge of a dry harsh desert yet achieves abundance in astounding ways. I am a quiet devotee of Tania’s journal. It silences my excuses at every read.

We have 5 daughters, thus the topic of women being self-reliant and resourceful is a topic close to my heart. Burning Desire For FIRE is a real life, no-holes-barred account of one Australian who raised her small boys alone, dug herself out of debt and has set up wisely for a secure future. It is a humbling and authentic read.

There are no end of fabulous writers out there who are generously sharing their real human stories with no snake oil motives or idealistic tinting. These quality writers above are rare gems hidden among an avalanche of pretentious fake gurus out there.

Enjoy exploring the many years of writings these good people have shared for all to benefit from. There a more excellent authentic writers that I’ll share with you some other time too.

Take care folks and stay nice.


4 thoughts on “Places I Visit

  1. it’s so great to see & read your pages again, so informative & mostly commonsense too; sorry to hear you’re having a hard year with repairs to the house, being a home owner myself & on a pension, i know how hard it is to get things done, prioritise is the key; looking forward to reading how you go with it all.
    loving all the tips provided throughout your blog too.
    wonderful to catch up
    thanx for sharing

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  2. I’m glad to have found your blog. I’m already a lover of Rhonda & Tania, so it is wonderful to find a mans perspective on all these things, as I find it refreshing. I look forward to reading up from the others you have listed & reading your own blog too. May you keep safe these days!

    Liked by 1 person

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